Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bathroom humor

         These past few days have been busy filing paperwork and getting familiar with the company. I haven't been able to do much exploring  since we are on such tight schedules going from one thing to another but  I am still adapting the the new cultural setting, and have definitely enjoyed my time here thus far. The food is wonderful and cheap but it has taken some time to get use to but in the long run I know all my money will be spent on it.
         I am still getting use to this lack of toilet paper business. If there is one place of comfort where you should be relaxed and pampered it should be on the toilet but that does not apply here.Many of the toilets do not provide toilet paper in the bathrooms and you must either bring some with you or use the more natural way and use your hand. As if the toilet paper was not enough of a struggle, many of the toilets both in home and in the public are not western style and you must squat to go to the bathroom. I am a bit familiar with this concept after going to Japan various times but I still am not a big fan of it. At least I know by the end of my stay, I will not only improve my balance from going to the bathroom but also build strong leg and ab muscles.Although there are more western style toilets in men's bathrooms than women's, it is said that women enjoy squatting and like not having western toilets. The Chinese also enjoy  using mothballs in urinals rather than the standard freshly smelling urinal cake or urinal deodorizer block. The smell is very potent and  when confined in small areas, it can be very overwhelming, especially when you are are sitting or squatting there for awhile. Due to the lack of  water pressure and  poor septic system, toilet paper cannot be thrown in the toilet and must be put in a trash can next to it. Yes that's right folk's, as you go to the bathroom you get to be in the presence of soiled and poopy toilet paper in a waste bin on top of the the mothball smell , which creates such a nice environment and aroma.
         On to a more exciting event, some other highlights to be noted, is that I set up a Chinese bank account so that when the time comes, my money can be deposited. As part of the process of getting my Chinese work visa, I had to get a Chinese physical.  Unlike the American  poke poke cough squeeze physical, the Chinese do a more in depth analysis to make sure you are clean and healthy. After filling out multiple pages information about your health which  include questions asking  "do you have any of the following" such as  Hepatitis, fever, diarrhea in the past week or to top it off STD's.  One by one you wait to  speak with a nurse about any concerns in you health and  enter your information into the database.  After changing into robes, you are put through a series of about 8 stations that include chest x-rays, further questioning and blood work, They also set up all these wires and suction cups to your body to get more data about your health. To top it off, we were given ultrasounds. Loving the fact I was getting an ultrasound, I was trying to crack jokes to the nurse about the baby I was having. Initially I said it was a baby boy but after further review I decided it was twins! As  I spoke about my happiness about the potential of being a pregnant to the nurse, she kept poking me and telling me to lay down. I really don't think that she enjoyed the experience as much as I did, but then again I'm not sure she understood since I was speaking English.

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  1. I'm glad you get to experience a "twin" ultrasound too! It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. I'll be living vicariously through your travels and look forward to your many adventures ahead. BTW, nice crib!