Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jordan & Tobey's Wedding

       Although I have been very busy trying to get everything packed and situated for my trip. I have devoted the past few days to Jordan and Tobey's Wedding. With Tuesday being Jordan's Bachelor party and Wednesday being the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and Thursday being the actual wedding, it has been a non-stop chain of events.
        After months of planning, the wedding was beautifully set up and every little detail was picture perfect. To be part of the wedding, of such a wonderful couple was a real honor. The love and passion that they have for each other is surreal and their affection and actions for  one another clearly show their love. I am so happy for both of them and I know their futures will be bright together as their personalities complement one another.
        On a more serious note, I hope within the new few hours, that I follow Jordan's footsteps and get yellow fever, if not, it will be a long year ahead of me.

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