Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 wheeling all over Shanghai

Although it nice walking around Shanghai, it is a very big city and sometimes walking doesn’t cut it. I have invested in a bicycle to make exploring around the city much easier and cut down on transportation costs. For a whopping 260 RMB I purchased “The Super bike” a basic bike that should get me around town. Francesca my other roommate also purchased a bike and mike my other roommate who already had a bike joined us. After buying a bike we took to the roads and started to explore Shanghai on this bright and cool Fall day. After riding around for a few hours it was just a taste of what the next year holds in store with us. 
You can see  the seat is broken towards the front

The next day we went on a bike ride to the bookstore. With another holiday coming soon, we wanted to get books on potential places that we might visit. After the bookstore we strolled around the city. Not even having the bike for a day I somehow managed to break the seat, which made the ride not as enjoyable. On the way home as it got dark, I got separated from Mike and Franchesca as I got stuck behind traffic and had to wait for cars to pass. With out a map or an idea of where I was at, I tried to call them but they didn’t pick up. I somehow managed to find the metro line and followed it all the way home. Once home, we some of our friends from our cohort came over and joined us for dinner at the local restaurant down the street from us. There is a strip of restaurant that are next to each other and we have been trying to test out each one to see I they are any good. So far this place was the best that we’ve had. Not only was it cheaper for the most part but the food was also a lot better.

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