Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family trip to the Expo

Since there is so much to see at the World Expo, which only is going on for a month longer, my roommates and I decided to go as a family after work to see it.  This being my second time, I was excited to see some of the other pavilions. After meeting up roughly after 5 pm and getting the discounted evening admissions, we were surprised to see that Miles was missing.
It turns out that he literally got locked into the house and could not get out. The way our door works is if someone locks the door with their key from the outside, you have to use a key to unlock it from the inside to get out.  Unfortunately for him, as I left for work, I locked the door out of habit, which would not be a big deal on a normal day except he couldn’t find his keys so he was locked in and had to call in “sick” into work and miss out on our family trip to the expo and weekly dinner. Out of all the days to loose his keys, this is by far the worse one because we were all together and wouldn’t be home until late. But don’t worry too much, if there were anyone who would enjoy being locked into the apartment for a day it would be him. It isn’t uncommon to see him with his laptop on the couch sitting in the same position for hours. I can confidently say that in our apartment in Concordia, the couch we had was molded to his body because he sat in it so much.
But back to the Expo, we explored the European area in zone B. Being in a group, I was unable to see as much as when I was by myself since I had to wait around for everyone, but it was nice to have the company. It seems the more I go, the more I realize how big it is. During my first trip I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off but this time it was a more casual pace and we only saw about an 1/5 of what I did in my first trip. As a gift from my work during our banquet on Saturday, we were all given Expo passports as keepsakes.  I decided to bring mine with me and see what the big hype about getting the passport stamps was. Just like in real life, it was very satisfying to see an empty passport page be filled with a stamp from where you visited, but by no means would I ever want more than one of these, as it took awhile to get stamped and was a hassle to find where the stamp booth was. Some of the pavilion that we saw included New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Thailand. By going through these pavilions in the Expo, it has given me an idea the country has to offer and has inspired me to visit.
We stayed at the Expo the whole time until 10, when it closed, after walking around for about 4 and a half hours, we left and continued on with our family trip. As we left to get onto the subway. There were lines of Expo staff waiting with signs and singing to send us off . It was a very kind gesture. Once we left the Expo we went to Blue Frog, the burger place that I mentioned earlier in a post and the location for our weekly Monday family dinners. Starving from all the walking we all had delicious burgers.. Except Miles who was still locked in the apartment. Feeling bad we decided to bring him one home. After being stuck in the house all day he was excited to see us all of course and was even more excited about his burger.

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