Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of school

            Today was the first day of school. This term I am teaching at 2 private schools, DMZ& XMZ which are sister schools. Already have the first day jitters, my supervisor was 10 minutes late which made it even more stressful. I was stuck trying to teach to these kids without any idea of what to teach and without any supplies. Having no help at all, it seemed I was thrown in to the hot fire and had to find my way out.  Rather than having my own classroom, I go into different classes and teach the class in their homeroom. The kids are so cute and range from 3-5 years old. Many of them are smart and pick up on the words pretty fast so that should make things easier.
            As I was teaching the younger classes, I realized rather than going to the bathroom, they brought the bathrooms to them. As I was teaching, I was amazed to see one of the kids drop his pants be assisted by one of the Chinese teachers who held a bucket as the little boy peed in it. Not long after I see a girl drop her pants and sit on a potty training bedpan. Never would I have thought that  this would happen in my classroom. As time went on, more and more kids started to go to the bathroom right in the open in the middle of the classroom. All in all I felt to day was a good  first day. I know I have alot to learn, but sooner or later I'll get it down.
           After work I came home and went out to dinner with my roommates Mike and Francesca. We went to this dive, hole in the wall,  that had  pulled noodles. The place was down the street from my apartment and by no means would pass the health inspection code in the US. The restaurant  made the noodles on the spot by hand and they rolled the dough  right in front of you. It was pretty impressive to see that the guy could turn a fat roll of dough into a bunch of string thin noodles within a matter of minutes. The soup was so delicious and the best part of it was that it was only 5 RMB, which is less than $1. After all my expensive meals I have had here in China, it was nice to pay hardly anything. I know that I will be a regular here because the soup was amazing and cheap.
           After dinner we went home and hung out for awhile, letting our food digest before we went  to Alexandria's, which is this nice gym down the street from my apartment. Having no access to a gym, I decided it was in my best interest to join. We went to  spinning class which was such a great workout. I haven't sweat like that in awhile, so it was was very refreshing. From head to toe I was drenched with sweat along with everyone in the class. It was so nice to get to the gym and get the endorphins  pumping after a long day.

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  1. It looks like you're having a great experience! Haha I liked reading about your students and all the unexpected cultural differences... especially the bathroom ones. Hmm...
    I bet time will really fly over there. Well, the US misses you! We should try and skype sometime if you've got any free time and we can make our schedules sync up. :)
    Senior year is in full throttle for me over here. Baha.. so far so good. My goal is to not be a hermit, and so far I think it's a success. Plus, I really like the classes I'm taking. A-win.

    Ms. Liz (Veon)