Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello Moon, Hello Sun

To celebrate the end of another long work week, my apartment decided to have a potluck and invited all of our cohort classmates in Shanghai and fellow coworkers to come over and have a potluck. With plenty of food of all sorts, it was a wonderful time to meet new people and take our minds off  of work. Having a wonderful turn out, there were probably around 30 people that came over. After eatting and socializing we left our apartment and went to a bar called zapatos which was overflowing with both foriegners and locals. The bar w featured multiple levels of tables to hang out inside and outside with the lower level being a dance floor.I had an encounter with an Asian guy in a wife beater with a shirt tied around his head, something you see in a movie and shake your head at but figure he is Asian and doesn't know better. Before I knew it, we began to have a dance off.  Being imfamous for their dance moves I noticed that a large amount of Asians are horrible dancers. Not saying im any better   I busted out my some terrible moves including the shopping cart and the sprinkler jokingly. As people started to take noticed of the dance off I had to actually be serious,but in the sake of not looking like a complete idiot we both stopped dancing after I threw in the dagger, before someone who actually dance would call us out. But all in fun nature it was a great time. Afterwards the bartenders called people out to dance on the table and  it so happen that a few of got on the bar and danced as they passed out free shots of tequila. Afterwards some of us went to club called M2 which was more of a vegas style club. The place was packed with people as the Dj blasted house music everyone total raved. With massive fog machines and strobe lights, it was destine to be a good time. After dancing out hearts out and being the last ones to stay out,  My roommate Mike and I decided it was time to go home. As we arrived home  at 5:45 Am, the sun decided to come out. Oh Shanghai what a year we are going to have together.

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