Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Sweet home

After my return from Daquin for my school training, I was excited to finally move into my apartment for good. Although I was the second person to see the apartment of my roommates, Annie and I were the last to stay in it.  Upon our arrival we were greeted by everyone which made it feel more at home. I am living with 2 girls from my MAIS program,  Annie & Francesca, and 2 boys, Mike and Miles, who I was roommates with at Concordia during our summer session. It should be real fun group to live with. We made a trip to Carefour (like a Target)and Ikea to get our bedding and  other essential supplies. It amazes me how packed the Ikea was, row after row there were people buying things.

The more I see it, the more I am amazed.The drivers in China are out of control. They drive like bats out of hell and hardly pay any attention to what the signs say. It isn't uncommon to see cars and scooters still going when the crosswalk is green nor is it uncommon to see cars swerving in and out  of each other or cars driving backwards if they passed their exit. With how wild they drive, it surprises me that no one wears  their seatbelts. Unlike the states, cars do not slow down or move out of the way for police cars or ambulances, but rather just keep driving.

Having a few days to hang out before we start work, I have taken the chance to explore some of Shanghai. One of the days I went to the Bund which was packed fill with locals and tourists. The skyline was very hazy, which one might think was fog, but in reality it is filled with smog.  I am excited to be spending the next year in Shanghai because the city is so large and there is so many things to see and do.

Over the past few nights we have gathered with fellow MAIS students for dinner. It is very popular in China to have many different dishes and share them with one another.  It isn't uncommon to order 5-10 dishes to split.  One of the nights we went to Blue Frog, which is an American restaurant  that features delicious burgers and drinks  at half price for happy hour which they have every Monday. Blue Frog is also the home of the 100 shot challenge. There is a list of 100 different shots that are mixed together to make a tasty combo. Try them all  and you get your name on the wall plus some free goodies and a free drink each time you go  there.   So far Ive tried 2 so I only have 98 more to go, but on the bright side there is no time limit, so I have all year to do it.  Another night we tried a local place  that featured crawfish! They are usually out of season at this time in Louisiana, so I was surprised to see it on the menu. After ordering 2 orders, I was very sad to say that they weren't as good as I had hoped for. They were soaked in a sweet and sour sauce and didn't have much flavor to them. My biggest excitement had lead to my biggest disappointment.

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