Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids these days

Having heard some of the wild names that fellow co-worker’s students have as their English name, I was very curious to see what kind of names my kids had. In a couple of my classes I took the time to ask their English names. To my surprise, I had a few that stood out a little more than others including: Tony hawk, coco, candy, Chocolate, brain, Ferguson, Etna, Jackie Chan, pimple,Jam, a couple of the students were named Dora (Dora the explorer) Domo, Hello kitty (both famous Asian cartoon characters) and to top it off. Pikachu

With that being said, some of the students were without names and lucky for me I was able to give them American names. Tempted to continue the outrageous names, I decided to refrain and give them actual names. To make things easier, I used the names of TV show characters as their names. Originally Not to worry I used the cast from the office to name my students including Jim,Dwight,Pam,Angela,Micheal,Creed,Andy,Stanley and a few others.

In honor of having the opportunity to hand out American names I present you with a gem that I was so luckily to be blessed with in class the other day.

I find it funny that as I teach my students colors, using a picture book, when I ask them what color brown is, they are Unable to answer and are more intrigued with the picture of a chocolate candy bar and yell out chocolate!! Chocolate!! This is Vanessa, She was screaming the answers at the top of her lungs before this but I got to film a little of it.

It amazes me how tiring working with kids can be. Having bounced around from classroom to classroom, I can only image what it would be like to teach the kids all day. I have found that as the days go on, it has become a lot easier to teach than it was my first few days here. My lesson plans are much smoother and the kids are more active and participating diligently. Although it is hard to see myself teaching for a profession, I love being able to interact with all the cute little Asian kids. I feel so loved by them as their faces light up when I enter the room. They might be doing something but when I come in they drop what they are doing to wave and scream “hello teacher” flock around me with some hugging me. As if that wasn’t enough to re energize your soul, as I leave the classroom they all scream goodbye and once again flock around me trying to block my exit. With the Chinese teachers yelling and pulling them off one by one as they try to get one last glimpse of me as I make an exit, for a few split seconds I feel like a celebrity with a bunch of die hard fans.

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