Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Little things in life

Waking up with a horrible runny nose and a cold I  dreadfully went to work hoping that the day would soon be over.  In China, September 10th is Teacher Appreciation day throughout the country. I arrived to my first class at XMZ feeling horrible with nose running like a facet. I was surprised to receive a card from one of the girl's, whose  mom wrote me to tell me thank you for all the good work that I have done and how her daughter is always so excited for my class. Reading the card made me feel appreciated and it was a very kind gesture, especially since it was coming from one of my favorite students who goes all out every time I come to class yelling "Hello!" Hello" Hello teacher" and runs up to me  as I enter the classroom and waving  rapidly with a smile of her face.
After my class was over, I had to switch and go to my other school to teach.I thought how amazing it would be if I didn't have to teach anymore and that they would say I'm too sick to be there and that I could go home. To my surprise, when I arrived at the school, the security guard gave me a weird look and was trying to speak Chinese. I pushed on and continued to walk into the school before he followed me trying to get me to stop. It turned out that all the classes were cancelled for the day and that they  had the day off. It was a dream come true and I was able to go home and rest for a little bit before going into the office to take care of some paper work.
Today was filled with many surprises and it was a wonderful way to spend teacher appreciation day. Its the little things in life that make the biggest impact.

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  1. I love it John! I'm so glad you're having a good, memorable time over there!! But get better soon.