Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only in China

         China is a one of a kind place, Everyday I find something observe something interesting that breaks the social norms of America, but is totally accepted and tolerated here.  I find myself amazed at the brutality of some of the Chinese teachers, although they are so nice; they give no mercy and many times are not fazed by their actions, which I tip my hat off to them. Today in my class as I was teaching my pre-schoolers, a couple of them thought it would be fun to run through the open door to go outside during the middle of my lesson. As they were screaming and running around outside under the porch as it was raining, one of the Chinese teachers gets out of her seat and casually walks over to the door and closes it, as the kids are still outside. Being little, they are not tall enough to reach the door handle and are stuck outside. I continued on with my lesson as the teacher sat by the door not even phased that she herself locked the kids out of the classroom on purpose. With the kids screaming and banging on the door, I couldn't help but to laugh as the teacher just sat there while the kids were outside in the rain. It wasn’t until a couple more minutes that she finally let them in.
       In another one of my classes, which were 3rd graders, one of the boys was being bad and was screwing around. Before I could stop and discipline him, one of the teachers had a better plan and decided to have a girl hold the hand of the boy sitting next to her, grabbing both their hands and putting them together. She then proceeded to call the other boys name. He stops fooling around and looks up to see the girl he likes is holding another boys hand. Angry that this is happening, he continues to be obnoxious. As the girl and boy let go of their hands, the teacher puts the boys arm around the girl and then calls the other boys name again. He looks over again to find that the boy has changed positions and now his arm over the girl he likes. This made the other boy furious and he finally stopped fooling around and sat there with his arms crossed and stared at the ground. Never would I ever thought to do such cruel acts on a little boys heart but then again it did work so kudos to the teacher for doing that.

 At DMZ, the school I teach all my classes but 1, they so kindly gave me an “office”.  Located in pretty much a storage closet, there are little cubicles with tables in them that are used for storage, but at one time were probably used for a study room of some sort. It is there that I can store some of the resources I need for my classes as well as hang out and “rest”  aka take a nap. The room even comes with a door that locks as I have found when arriving a few days and couldn’t get in. After getting locked out the first time, rather than asking for assistance, I shook the door handle and after awhile if you move it in the right position it unlocks on its own. I’m glad to know I’ve been blessed with such a safe room to keep my belongings in. Check out my sweet office and nap area though, it features nice star pillows that I can lay my head on and in this cubicle there’s so much room to do activities, no bunk beds necessary. (Step Brother’s movie reference)
My Office"

Where I "rest"

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