Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Take a leak inside my Classroom

In my first week of teaching, the stories have already begun. My teaching has brought so much excitement to the kids that they can barely contain themselves.

This little boy was so excited to learn Chinese,  it scared the crap out of him when I started to speak English.  Even though he was causing alot of stink, the teachers let him enjoy the rest of the class with a little extra cushion on his seat.

The dreadful potties located in the classroom. Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go regardless of the situations, these boys were able to multi-task and take care of business in both the classroom and on the toilet.
Just posted on the toilet in the classroom. No Big Deal

Sad to say sometimes even though the toilets are in the bathroom, some of the kids help themselves and jump the gun a little bit to early.

As I was teaching the class a game, I took a quick glance and noticed a big puddle of water. The next thing I know some of the kids are stepping in it and spreading it all over the class with their shoes. Sad to say it but the cutest little  boy in the class got too excited and peed himself. To my surprise, as the Chinese teacher cleaned up the mess and changed his clothes, it wasn't a boy after all and that he really was a girl... Wah Wah

To top off the bathroom humor in the classroom, I have a shout out to the little boy who answered my question correctly and then proceeded to pull up his pants and go to the bathroom. Being on top of their game, the Chinese Teacher grabbed the little boy, but it was too late, the fluids were already flowing and as the teacher picked up the boy, the kind little girl sitting next to him got a nice little surprise as he peed all over her.... Wah Wah

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