Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to Daquin

            As part of Orientation for my job, we went to a retreat center about 45 minutes outside Shanghai for training. Located in the middle of nowhere where we were blessed with the beautiful rural environment of China. Spending 3 nights and 4 days there, we reviewed the guidelines for the school and how to properly teach the students English. We also spent plenty of time bonding together and getting to know one another. With most of the new teachers coming from my MAIS program, there were a few others who came from Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.

            Trying to embrace the Asian culture as much as possible, I have tried every food presented to me. Some of the interesting foods that I have had were pigs feet, cow blood,snails, and a few others. My body is still adjusting to these foods but overtime I know I will just be fine. We were suppose to have a Chinese BBQ  one of the nights with over 100  kids that were China's national salsa dancers, who were at English camp,but due to the rainy weather we had to cancel. Instead we had the BBQ by ourselves but had food for over 100 people. We were BBQ'in non stop for hours literally. All the meats and veggies were on skewers which included, pork,beef,chicken,squid, potatoes,lamb and a few others.
Chinese BBQ
          The retreat center was a big plot of land that featured a bunch of wood cabins, a lake and river and lots of plants. The were a variety of animals including a bunch of dogs, some of which looked like the big dog in the movie Sandlot and stood about 4 ft tall. There were also some deer, swans, ducks, chickens, turkeys, camels, horses, and monkeys, just to name a few. Being there was very peaceful and was very relaxing and quite. It seemed as though you were in a separate world and  could feel the chi from mother nature.
 Although we didn't get to have the BBQ with the kids, we did make a visit to English camp to present awards to them. They even presented us with a show of their  routines. It was quite impressive some of the moves that they could do  and even at a young age, they were able to do some sophisticated routines and look very grace. All of these kids were very talented and I was not only suprised by their moves but also how well the spoke English and knew various countries flags.
Chinese Dancers @English Camp

            As one of the events for the training, we had a scavenger hunt, during this time we explored the large area to find certain objects. Whilst doing the scavenger hunt I ran into a few problems which were quite disturbing, these events included stepping into  a wet muddy area that spattered all over my shoes,socks,leg and pants. It turns that this mud smelt horrible and after further review it was identified that it was not mud but rather old human waste. Gross right?  This happened after I was attacked  by this demon monkey who is no friendly Curious George by any means. Luckily that little booger was chained up or else I would have had to go Ace Ventura on him. In the end when all said in done, my  my team won, so it was all worth it.

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  1. This is a great story. Youre doing so well with the blog. Love keeping up with what you're doing. Love you