Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

          This week has gone by very fast. In my classes I have been teaching my kids Halloween phrases and passing out Halloween candy and they love it. Halloween like many other places around the world is just starting to become a trend in China with the younger generations but has been a big hit. The teachers  in the school have been working hard to create by hand, Halloween decorations, which is ironic because in the States, we purchase decorations at the store and where do these goods come from? That's right ,China. So it seems kind of odd that they wouldn't just buy it also.

      The search for a Halloween costume has been a nightmare. Unlike the states, there are no temporary Halloween consume stores like Spirit that have a wide assortment of costumes to choose from. Rather it is just a select few costumes in certain areas. I have spent hours trying to find the perfect get up for Halloween. I've realized that a lot of people end up making their own outfits piecing together an assortment of items, but I had found that it is too much work. I originally though about having one custom made but since I cant speak Chinese that idea went out the window. Without further ado, I present you the masterpiece that I found online and then physically went to the booth in this huge shopping center size market to find.  For a whopping 138 RMB (roughly $20) I found this beauty of a Tiger/Lion = Liger  one piece Suit. I was so excited that it fit that I didn't even try to barter.
        Once again I realize how much I hate teaching. For one of the schools I teach at, they were having an observation class in which all the parents would come and sit in while I taught. Supposedly this was a huge deal and I had to make a lesson plan, with the help of my boss ahead of time and send it to the  school's administration to review it. Upon arrival, and wearing my costume, the parents and kids, who were all dressed up in costumes were excited for my class. I had a set schedule that I would be passing out awards for the best costumes and then teach them a few phrases and then teach them a song and lastly pass out candy, which sounds so easy on paper, but in reality it was far from it. The teachers decided to move the class into an auditorium and then decided to pick apart lesson at the last minute and change virtually everything. Once again, working on the fly I was suppose to teach in front of all these parents. With the kids riled up, they were a nightmare to teach, not only did they not listen to what I had to say, they were all over the place running around the room as the parents admired how much of a doll their kids were. Having no classroom management I continued on with the lesson trying to do the best as possible. With the teachers in the back trying to tell me what to do, they insisted on blasting the Halloween song before I even taught it to the kids. Life would have been so much easier without them there to continuously mess things up. After that nightmare of a class, I'm sure I have tainted the prospective of many of the parents as far as my teaching abilities ago.
        Later that night, we had a Halloween party at my house,which was filled with cohort members, coworkers and a few others. It was a great time and nice to get a way from work and all the things associated with it.  There was a good showing of people  and the place was packed. All in all it was a memorable night.
         On Sunday, I had to work  at my other school since they changed the date of the party. I was feeling horrible the whole day which made working even that much worse. I was the announcer for the school performance, in which the kids danced, sang and played games in front of the parents. Afterwards the classes split up and went into their homerooms to have dinner. With some standard dishes provided by the school, each classroom was  different based on what the parents brought. Being the wonderful teacher I am, rather than stay put in one room, I went through all 4 classes to visit and of course in each class they insisted I take a plate and eat, which I politely accepted. I was able to speak with a few of the students parents, one of which I had a long conversation with. His name was Ray and his daughter was in 1st grade class. he was very kind and welcoming and was asking all sorts of questions, I reckon we spoke for 20 or so minutes but he worked in the aerospace industry and kept insisting that I meet some of his friends with the potential of hooking onto one of their companies, which was sorta exciting.

Here are some pictures I took of the events


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