Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slowly dying inside

          Breaking news from Shanghai. After only having my "Superbike" for less than 2 months, I am sad to say that it was stolen from the metro station.Just like any other day, I rode my bike to the metro and locked it up, only this time it wasn't there when I got off the metro. It is a bitter sweet event because now I am free of the P.O.S bike that had a broken pedal and seat, but it now means I have to buy a new one. Out of all the bikes on the bike rack it seems a bit odd that mine would have gotten stolen.

To create better air quality for the EXPO, China limited the number of factories that were in operation each day to reduce the toxic pollution and smog within Shanghai. They also fired missiles up in the air to help eliminate the smog and stabilize the weather. This tactic was similar to the one used for the Beijing Olympics to help improve the air while millions of guest visit the city for the event.Now that the Expo has ended, China has removed the ban off, which started November 1. The side effects have already shown. The city has much more smoggy and at times you cannot see buildings within the distance. Like the heavy Oregon fog, there is a hazy overcast created by the smog that shadows the city.

The weather has also been very odd of late. This past week it was so cold that I had to bust out my Winter snowboarding coat,facing the devastating cold front from the North, it has made its way down to Shanghai. Though the temperature has been in the 50's which is almost t-shirt and shorts weather in Oregon, there is a lot more water in the air, which makes it feel colder than it actually is.

In a unfortunate chain of events, I found on this past Thursday that I would be switching  schools with a fellow coworker at work. I am a bit sad because I really enjoyed the kids that I taught and after struggling for the past two months to get the approval  and friendship of the Chinese teachers, they have finally opened up to me. I feel this change is a bit ironic because on Monday during the teachers meeting, the teachers were talking with me and asking how long I would be teaching in Shanghai. When I told them that I would be here until next September, they were very excited and relieved. Less than three days later, I am now leaving.Although I really did not have a choice in the decision, I feel that I have let teachers and students both down.  On Friday, my last day with the kids, I had to break the news to the teachers that it was my last day.While most of the teachers were very sad, one of them actually was fighting to hold back tears. Rather than teaching for most of the class, I decided that I would sing songs and play games with the kids. I wanted to make things fun and memorable so  I handed out stickers and candy.

Here are all of my students that I teach every day

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