Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank you China for Spoiling my Thanksgiving

Whoops! I thought I had posted this awhile back but I guess I didn't but here it is!

Another weekend over and I am back on my grind. As always it seems that my weekend was not nearly long enough. Filled with loads of homework and as much sleep and relaxation as possible, I find the weekends do not do nearly as much justice as they used to, but they are still what get me through the week.  One of the cool things I did this weekend was go to a bar called shelter.  Located in a once bomb shelter, hence the name, the bar is about 30 feet underground. There is a main room, where the bar and dance floor is located and then various tunnels that lead to other lounges and rooms. Although it was not particularly my scene as far as music goes, it still was a good time.

While many of you were blessed with the opportunity to spend thanksgiving with loved ones and a nice day off, and not to mention the mounds of delicious foods, I on the other hand had to work since obviously they do not celebrate here. After putting in a 9-hour day I met up with some of my friends from the Cohort to have a thanksgiving at a bar/restaurant called Bubba’s Texas BBQ. Craving mash potatoes, turkey and Pumpkin pie, the rest of the essentials of a thanksgiving dinner, as always I brought my large appetite. Originally we had booked a table for 11 people to come but after various issues and people bailing, it ended up only being 5 of us.  Bubba’s was pretty full, with a layout of a house turned bar, the place felt very crammed. We had reservations for 7:30 but to our disappointment after going to the buffet and scrounging up some niblets out of dire hunger, they wouldn’t put more food out until 8 o’clock. Once 8, it was a mad dash to the buffet with loads of expats waiting to get their taste of Thanksgiving dinner. While the food was decent, it was not nearly worth the $45 paid to get a little taste of home. The food had no Tender Love and Care and it was nothing special. Although it did somewhat fill a part of my heart that was missing, nothing will ever compare to a Gregory Thanksgiving which is the most hyped up event of the year, and a guaranteed good time.
 On Friday morning, I woke up early to call the family and video chat with them during Thanksgiving. Everyone seemed to be having a good time laying around hanging out together and of course eating wonderful food. It was so nice to see everyone but at the same time a disappointment because I wasn’t able to be there.

For the first time in a few months and in China, I played basketball. I met up with one of my friends named Jackson and his girlfriend Mariyana, both who are from New Zealand for lunch. We went to New York Deli cafĂ© and got these monster burritos that were probably a foot long and weighed 2 pounds. Rather than sitting in the small little eating area, we decided to go to the park and eat outside since it was a nice sunny day out. At the park there was a gated basketball court filled with people playing pick up games. Thrilled at the chance to play we   ate and then went onto the courts. Not properly dressed to play, I was wearing jeans and Jackson was wearing flip-flops but were determined to play. Jackson ended up playing bare foot and the Chinese guys thought he was crazy.  Regardless, it was a good time.

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