Thursday, January 20, 2011

100 problem

          After starting a few months ago, I have finally finished the 100 Shot Challenge at Blue Frog. On this past Monday, Mike and I completed our last  shots to end this horrible burden weighing over our shoulders and wallet. My roommates and I started this challenge at the same time but after various events and conflicts we have ended at different times. Let it be known that these shots are not completely filled with alcohol and in a sense are like a mini cocktail in a shot. It is safe to say that the combination of these liquids would upset your stomach before it got you drunk.  

           Through this challenge, we have gotten to become great friends with the manager, Jason, and the staff who knows us by name and even will call us on Mondays to make sure that we are still coming. Not sure if it is because we are cash cows and  they can count on us to drop large sums of money on dinner or we just come there so often, regardless, we are kinda big deals at Blue Frog.  Right before our 100th shot. Jason took a spoon and banged it against a metal cup to get the attention of the crowd. In his broken English he told everyone that we are finishing our 100 shots and what a big feat it was. As we took our final shot, the staff dimmed the light and blasted “Celebrate good times” as everyone cheered. . As a gift Jason handed us a shot, scotch and drinking glass as well as a hat and umbrella. After the much-anticipated wait, I am finally one of the  few elite members that will be forever engraved on the Blue Frog wall finishing the Challenge.

            The ultimate winners though, were a Russian couple that decided to finish the challenge in well, one day. To bring in the New Years the couple, completed all 100 shots in one sitting and to top it off, ordered a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Now that’s bringing in the New Years in style.

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