Friday, January 28, 2011

Another year under the belt

           It's official, I am getting old. I just turned 23, and I am already reminiscing about how I will be 5 years removed from graduating high school come this spring.  I remember the days when I would be up all night playing video games, with minimal sleep and be fine the next morning, but these days anything under 7 hours of sleep and I'm dragging the whole day.
         Unlike all my other birthdays, when I was in the same time zone as all my friends,to my surprise, I woke up to birthday messages both via phone and on Facebook even though technically it was the 25th back in the States. I appreciated the kind gestures of both my friends and family for realizing the time zone difference and wishing me a Happy birthday.
          Since the kindergarten I am teaching at is on Spring Festival holiday,  this week I have been teaching a Star testing class for the school, which students are tested on their English vocabulary by using flash cards and reading short phrases. I am teaching two- one hour classes, Star 1, the  beginner class  and Star 2, the more advanced class. Each class has about 12 students,most of which are  the students I teach normally,  making it more enjoyable.  In the First class Star 1, I am assisted by the infamous Teacher assistant Hannah. Essentially for the hour class I flip threw flash cards and ask them what is this? and they give the answer. Some of these cards are pretty ridiculous and even I have difficulty trying to  identify some of them based off the picture.

Take a Look at some of the cards, can you guess what it is?

Top Left : Pupil
Top Right: Math
Bottom Left: Cock
Bottom Right: Cool

         As you can imagine this is horribly boring to teach so picture what it is like for 5 and 6 year olds.  For some odd reason Hannah is a slave driver in the class and works the kids to death. She believes that the students are perfectly OK to sit in their chair without getting up for the whole class, but obviously they have a short attention span.  Like a mad woman she yells at the kids if they get the answer wrong and scares the kids out of there mind making one girl cry the whole class period.  Questioning my authority, I even had to yell at her  in front of the kids to tell her to sit down and shut up as she was out of control. Although only an hour class it seemed forever.
         My other class, Star 2, which is filled with all of my students and my normal Teaching Assistant LuLu is by far much easier to teach  and more enjoyable  to be around because they are more verbal and have better personalities than the other class. Knowing that it was my birthday, Lulu, got the class to sing me Happy Birthday which is one of the many reasons she trumps Hannah.

          After work I went home and took a nice long nap which was much needed. I then went to the gym and then came home and did some homework.   I wanted Teppanyaki, so Kirsti did all the planning and invited people and organized for us to go to a place called Kegans, which was one of the more expensive places, but it  got great reviews. Unsure of how many people were coming, we didn't make reservations since it was a Wednesday night, but unfortunately when we got there it was booked. We walked down the street and went to another Teppanyaki place called Natural Point, which one of my friends suggested, as she had gone there before and said it was good. The food was real good and the beauty of it ,was that food kept getting cooked right in front of our eyes. There was 10 of us that went to dinner, which was a great turn out considering that most of my Concordia friends are off traveling for Spring Festival. All in all it was a wonderful day spent with good company and friends. As I get older I have started to appreciate the little things in life that make life so wonderful and today I was blessed with  some of the best presents you could ever ask for, caring friends.

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  1. Happy birthday, John! It looks like you're getting plenty of interesting teaching experiences this year. :-) I love the video of the students singing Happy Birthday! :-)