Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chinese Lessons for Mac and Cheese? Sure!

          After living in China for almost 4 and a half months, I've realized  that my Chinese is beyond horrible and that I need as much help as I can get. During my lunch breaks a couple times a week I sit down with  one of the Chinese teachers at the Kindergarten I teach at  and try to pick up a few new words each time. While, my Chinese is very minimal,You best believe that I use my limited vocabulary whenever I can. To further enhance my Chinese,  I convinced the teacher to teach me for an hour,  in return for some American food. Just days away from Payday and saving the remaining money from last months paycheck for  rent and my trip to Xi'an this weekend, to see the Terracotta warriors, I was stuck in a predicament; take her out to dinner and spend  money or cook it myself. Sitting on the metro coming home, I debated what to cook her since I am not a good cook by any means and I'm ballin on a budget so I  did not want to have to go to the store to make a meal. Thanks to my wonderful friends Scott Rowland and Jenny Chen, they each brought me a few boxes of Mac and Cheese to fill my cravings among other things. Within 15 minutes I was able to whip up this fine cuisine and impress her with my cooking skills. As if Mac and Cheese wasn't already good enough since she had never even heard of it, to compensate for the freezing cold weather, I also made some Hot chocolate, courtesy of my wonderful sister Gabbie, who sent me enough hot chocolate to feed an army. All in all it was a successful night, I got  to eat some  Mac and Cheese after going almost 5 months sober, got free Chinese lessons, and to make things that much better she said I was a  good cook! 'Chenggong!(Success) look my Chinese skills are already kicking in.

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