Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm BACK!!

               After another 3 week sabbatical away from the blog, I am back at full speed after an eventful time with my friends Scott and Jenny. On December 16th-28th Scott came to visit, in what would be his first real experience outside of North America. Prior to his arrival, Shanghai was hit with cold weather and even some Snow! It hardly ever snows in Shanghai so it was quite the surprise to see it. Like in Oregon, I tried to catch the snowflakes in my mouth but then remembered that I was in China and that it wasn’t actually snow but rather smog flakes. For one of my coworkers/classmates Leila, who is from Hawaii, it was the first time she ever saw snow.

Shanghai Snow!

            While the real reason for my stay here in Shanghai was to get my Masters degree, let it be known I have worked hard on my studies to complement all of my play. I finished my second semester of my program and ended up with 2 A’s and an A-(Really Dr. Kim a 93% is an A-?) but  none the less I feel accomplished considering im working full time and unlike other classmates getting the full experience of what Shanghai and China has to offer. Although the term ended a few days after Scott arrived, I made sure that I finished all my assignment the week before so that I could spend as much time with him as possible.

            I picked up  Scott form the airport and after waiting for an hour he came through customs. In one of his more finer moments, he walked through the arrival gate like a lost little kid scared out of his mind, searching for me. He came with 2 huge black suitcases bearing many gifts that I had asked him to bring, that were too expensive to buy  here or simple not imported here. Simple things like Mac and Cheese, Deodorant ,candy canes and many more things(Thanks for all those that helped contribute to the cause).  After getting a quick dinner at KFC, we dropped his stuff off  at my house and went on a pub crawl around Shanghai with my ALL my roommates(Yes this is like solar eclipse and never happens) and a few fellow Concordia classmates.

The Group at the Pub Crawl

            Having to work in the daytime, Scott ventured out to explore Shanghai on his own. After showing him how to work the metro station and giving him my phone with Google maps and a Chinese translator he was all set. Lucky for him, because of the way things worked out, he only had to be on his own for 5 days during the afternoon, but after work I would meet up with him and I take him out to show him around the city. 
Scott and I at the Bund

            To top off all the sight seeing and spending time with my best friend in China, one of the highlights was definitely going go karting after having a few drinks. In what was an awesomely horrible idea, which would never happen in America, there is a go kart places that is connected to a bar, that’s right I said a place where it is encouraged to drink and drive. Going with 2 of my other roommate and Scott, we were the only people there. With about 10 staff member there to assist you, we got in the karts and were off. In what was a mix of Mario Kart/bumper boat/Fast and the Furious, we drove like bat at of Hell racing around.

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