Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giving In

               In a last minute attempt to save my sanity, I have booked a last minute trip to South Korea.  Saddened that all my fellow Concordia classmates have 3+ weeks of holiday for Spring Festival in which many are traveling to cool places,  I along with fellow Shane teachers are stuck with only 7 days of holidays from Febuary 2-8, which limits my travel plans.Contemplating what to do,  I refrained from making travel plans as ticket prices went up.In typical Shane English fashion at the last minute, We were presented with another opportunity to be Slaves to the company. Since Shane does not have enough work for us to do during the upcoming weeks since all but 2 schools are closed until Febuary 14th, rather than giving us that time off like a normal company, Shane has to milk every penny out of us, even though it is their fault that there is not anything for us to do. Shane has so kindly offered that we have the choice of using some of valuable holidays/ sick days to make up for this extra time off, or we be "Scheduled but not working" which means somewhere down the line, on some of our days off, we will get a nice phone call telling us that we have to will have to work to make up for these days, or lastly we can take a pay cut that will be about a 1/4 of the months salary. Biting the bullet I have taken the pay cut to enjoy my freedom.
              With that freedom I have booked last minute tickets to go to South Korea with fellow classmates Miles,Kirsti and Paullete from the 3-13. During this time I will also get to meet up with another one of my Oregon friends, Miles Robinson in Seoul and when we visit Busan, where he is teaching English. While In Seoul, we will be staying with Sewon, a couch surfer that we hosted  last month. Not only will this save us money, but it will also be nice to see her and get the favor returned.
             In another turn of events, I have finally splurged and purchased a nice fancy digital SLR camera.  I have been contemplating getting one since the Expo but after recently playing around on my roomate Mikes camera, I decided I need one.Although big,I have accepted that they are bulky to carry around but hopefully the pictures will make it worth it. I figure since I am traveling and seeing all these wonderful things, this would be a good investment to make.  A special thanks to Jim Rowland, who so kindly took the time  out of his busy schedule to find me the camera for me. According to him, he got me a 40D cannon with a 18-55lens, which means absolutely nothing to me but considering his a professional photographer, I think that it must be something good, which is exciting. I am having the shipped to my classmate Monisha who will be coming back to China the day before I leave so I will get to play with it when I go to Korea, Hopefully I will come back with some good pictures!

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