Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Say Goodbye, I say Hello

            After a short grieving period after the departure of Scott, I was blessed with the opportunity to have my friend Jenny, come visit me. I met Jenny 2 summers ago in Japan when we worked with Camp Adventure. Sadly enough, I’ve only seen her outside the US and in Asian countries. Initially it was going to be Just Jenny visiting but then her cousin wanted to tag along, next her cousin wanted her husband to come with her also, so he decided to come, and since her husband didn’t want to be the only guy, he invited his brother in law to join, bringing the total count to 4 people. They ended up staying 2 nights in the man cave and similar to Scott, they explored during the daytime and I met up with them at night. I went with my roommate Mike, and we met them and another friend of Jenny’s, Shan, and went to the Bund and to the top floor of the Observatory aka the bottle opener (it looks like one), the tallest building in Shanghai to see the Shanghai skyline lit up.     

Shanghai Skyline from 100th floor from Observatory
The group at the Observatory
             For some reason I had a half day on New Years Eve, so I met up with Jenny and the cousins for lunch and then went home with the intention of taking a nap, but in reality I ended up cleaning the house up, since I supposedly never clean (even though I clean the most) and with the all the guests it got pretty dirty. The cousins decided to check into a hotel since we were suppose to have friends staying with us for New Years. Having had little traveling experience and being very tradition Chinese, the cousins was very skeptical about everything and kept asking endless questions. To put it short, they were  very inexperienced travelers and this led to unnecessary drama and stress and fit the stereotype of Asian tourists.
            The cousins wanted to join a travel group to visit Hangzhou, a city where the other half of the Concordia students live, and is about 2 hours South of Shanghai. They booked the tickets and the bus was going to pick them up at 5:15 AM on New Years day. Obviously it was going to be a late night so I was able to talk Jenny into ditching the Hangzhou trip, which, eventually turned out to be a boring bust, and come celebrate New Years with me and a bunch of fellow Concordia Students and coworkers.

            We started the night out by going to my fellow Oregon native/coworker/fellow student/friend Kristi’s house, where about 12of us were hanging out. At about 10:30 we headed out and somehow managed to get enough cabs to head to a warehouse party called  “The Peoples party" located in the Fashion Hub Warehouse. Filled with hundreds of people it was a great time spent with fantastic friends and a wonderful way to bring in the new years. If 2010 was this amazing, I can only imagine what 2011 will have in store for me.

Some of the New Years Gang, Picture courtesy of City Moments

Peoples Party on New Years
            New years morning or should I say afternoon since we were out until 5Am, I took Jenny around the town and we did some shopping for her family and friends. It was really nice to be able to spend time with her and rekindle the wonderful friendship we had in Japan. Even though we still talk on a consistent basis, it is still different hanging out in person. Later that night Jenny went to spend time with her cousins while I went to another fellow Concordia student, Ralph’s house for a potluck and then later met up with other Concordia people who were in town for New Years.

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