Sunday, March 13, 2011

Down for the count

          On Thursday, I woke up at 5 in the morning, sick to my stomach with my tummy turning and  was sick  out of both ends. I sat in the bathroom for an hour preparing for the worst, before trying to go back to sleep. I could not call in sick because I only have a couple sick/holiday days left to last the rest of the year and I had to film my class teaching today for one of my assignments for school. Oddly enough when I got up my roommate mike also felt stomach pains but clearly I had it worse. I had not felt this bad in as long as I could remember and I felt like I was going to throw up at any moment. For my video I mustered up as much energy as I had and tried to seem as enthusiastic as possible. To be honest, I am not sure how I made it through the day, it was a God given blessing that the kids were pretty good and I was able to make it throughout the day without too much trouble. We were supposed to have a work meeting at 6, but that was cancelled so I was able to go home after work and sleep. Still feeling horrible, I was asleep by 7:30. Yes that’s right 7:30!!!!  Thinking Mike and I were the only one sick I later found out that my other roommates Francesca and Annie and her boyfriend also were struck with food poisoning. Initially I thought it might have been the boiled eggs, spaghetti or this Chinese fish snack that mike and I both ate but since everyone was sick at the same time I think it was Annie’s birthday cake that we all ate the day before.
        The next morning I work up feeling better and thought that I had weathered the storm. It was my fellow student/coworker Sherry’s birthday so I was excited for the festivities she had planned for the weekend. Work went smoothly and I thought that everything was fine but when I went to the gym, I cut my workout short after a few lifts figuring it was better not to push myself until I was at full health. For sherry’s birthday we had reservations at 10:30 at this classy restaurant called Mr. and Misses Bund, right on the riverfront. Since it was so late, they have a late night menu, which cuts their plates to ONLY 200 RMB ($30) a place. Being in a big group of 14 young people who typically shouldn’t be there financially, we did not get treated as properly as we should and were overlooked by the staff. We waited and waited and waited and others kept getting seated as we waited some more. It wasn’t until about 11:45 that actually got seated even though our reservation was at 10:30. For such a classy establishment I was not impressed with their customer service and their food in that matter as half my steak was filled with fat. During dinner it became very obvious that my stomach was still upset as the bathroom and I became very good friends, making a to every 15 minutes.
        While Saturdays are usually my day to explore the city or do last minute homework, I was stuck spending my day at home afraid that I would be searching for the nearest toilet. Propped up in my bad, I spent all day catching up on my television shows. To make matters worse, it was actually a nice sunny day out and would have been perfect to go take pictures of the city as I had initially planned on doing before I got sick. It was also the auditions for China’s got talent so I also missed my chance there. After catching up on my television shows and drinking liquids like crazy, I felt good enough to go to Sherry’s ABC party (Anything But Clothes) where you come dressed in anything but clothes. While some people got creative, I kept with the comfort and attended in my LSU Snuggie that my mom sent me for my birthday (Thanks Mom!). Being the wonderful host Sherry is, she had tables of goodies to munch on including multiple cakes, sushi, chips and salsa and even had activities for us to do including a piñata who she named Hannah after her TA, who is now the infamous Hannah.

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