Sunday, March 20, 2011


          After being invited to come play numerous times from a friend of mine, I finally cracked and decided to check it out with my good friend pat. Of course it was raining so it made for an interesting experience. The game essentially a big game of smear the queer. In which you tackle the person who has the ball, while the person tries to score into these tiny goals. There are three teams and three goals so each team has the opportunity to score on 2 different goals or can create an alliance and aim for just one. The ball is a huge torpedo like shape that was very odd and is about 2 feet long. Further information can be located at   Tri ball is a new game made up that is trying to catch on in china and all over the world. While still in its initial state, it supposedly is the next big thing. Initially planning to watch the game first and then join in later, short on players we got to jump right in.  After playing for a few minutes I could definitely tell I was out of shape. It was the first time I had done sprints in lord knows how long and after a few plays I was already winded.  The game was fun and definitely nice to be able to run around and tackle people and of course meet new friends. I have since joined the league and will be playing on the weekends so it will be interesting to see how things turn out

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