Friday, April 1, 2011

Iphoney 4

 Coming home from a good work out from the gym I was approached by a very sketchy man on the street that wanted to sell me an Iphone 4 outside of my apartment complex. Hidden by the darkness of the night with a glimpse of the streetlight reflecting his shadow, it was beyond a sketchy situation. Normally when this happens I just keep walking but this one particular time, I stopped to check it out as it is pretty common to have phones picked pocketed on the subway, as my roommate was a victim. Typically these people just want to get rid of these items as fast as they can and will sell them real cheap since the money is worth more to them than these phones. Intrigued and a bit greedy for the opportunity to have an iphone 4 I asked how much it was. He quoted me at 3000 rmb but I said that was too much and said 100. I thought that he agreed so I called my roommate Mike to have him bring me some money since I didn’t have my wallet and look at the phone, Mike insisted that if he had the money he would do it in a heartbeat. After it was confirmed the phone was real, the guy tried to counter and say that he wanted 1500. I said no that was too much and you could tell he really wanted to get it off his hands since some number kept calling the phone. We assumed he had just taken the phone from the local KTV bar down the street, where many wealthy businessmen hang out. We finally bartered the guy down to 700 rmb, which was still real cheap. I went upstairs to get more money since I had misheard the amount the first time and mike didn’t have enough on him. Since the situation was so sketchy, I decided to see if I could short the guy and only pay him 500 since obviously it was a hot item. I ran back down stairs to do the trade as mike sat and smoked a cigarette. There where two guys in business suits walking by looking around so it made things worse, scared of both the business people and shorting the guy money, I double checked to make sure the phone was still the same phone traded the guy the money for the phone and ran to get out of there as quick as possible. As I got into my apartment and I asked my roommate who has an Iphone 4 how to switch out the sim cards, after she went to open it, she realized the phone wasn’t real and it was really good fake brick, but not the one that I was playing with earlier. As I took money out of my pocket, he must have switched the phones when I was not looking.  I am not sure what got into me on this random night that made me want this iphone 4 so badly but it was a lesson learned and to his credit, a legit scam. After thinking that I was the winner by shorting this guy money, in the end I was the one that got played, stuck with a POS iphone that doesn’t even turn on. While it was an unfortunate situation, it also makes for an expensive paperweight.  Rumor has it that this same guy has been around multiple times trying to sell phones but the good news is, if he does come around, ill have a nice object to throw at him when I see him.

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