Friday, April 1, 2011

Make Love Not War

         After the whole Hannah debacle, she is now officially my TA full time. After putting her in her place and making sure she does her job(How hard is it to yell at kids?), we have made mends and things are fine and t back to normal. With that being said, I have some exciting news.. Hannah and I are now officially a couple and are very happy together… Just joking!!! But for a split second you were shocked and I fooled you right? But on to more steamy office romances, today my coworker Sherry received a phone call from our boss with some surprising news. Supposedly this morning in between getting dropped off and to the school entrance which is roughly less than 100 meters, some source falsely reported to the school that Sherry and I were having a little morning make out session. Let me remind you the walkway is filled with parents and students who are also walking to get into the school, and ironically enough the principle was standing at the entrance greeting people.
        First off, I am usually half asleep when arrive to school so I am incapable of doing something of this sort, and secondly, I hate PDA so why would I do it? Gross.  And most importantly, my students are walking around with their parents, why in the lords name would I ever do such a thing in front of them?!?! As my boss joked about it because he knows better, he said that if this was the case, we should deserve medals because it would take alot of balls or stupidity to do such a thing.  Well, it turns out that one of the students said hi to us and we did not hear them, so we didn’t respond, which upset the parent  so they made this bogus claim. It amazes me how Crazy some of these parents and the things they will do for the “well being “ of their child, but what is even more amazing is how I am involved in these ridiculous situations when half  the time I don’t do anything.

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