Friday, April 1, 2011

RIP Dirty Kitchen

       After fighting the temptation for months to make a statement that I shouldn’t be the only one cleaning, I have finally caved and cleaned the kitchen, failing to reach my goal. The last time it was cleaned, seriously was back in December and of course I was the one who did it. Being raised to clean up after yourself and never leave things messy, it has been a hard battle to fight. As my mom likes to say, don’t be living like the Ewells (references to Kill a Mockingbird) I am guilty of this charge not by choice. Whenever I cook, I clean up immediately or soon after I eat, but the same can't be said for my roommates. Living with 4 other people you would hope you that they would clean up after themselves, but that simple task was too much to ask for. With dishes lined in the sink for days and food crumbs scattered everywhere, it has slowly but surely started to be a dirty college kitchen. With the counter tops stained a different color from all the variety of liquids and filled with crumbs, decaying food (pieces of meat from spaghetti) and other filth, it was quite the task. In a kitchen no bigger than 4 by 8 feet, it took me an hour to clean it. In a battle I was fighting over principle, I have lost due to sanitary reasons. So just in time for spring, with that we have a clean kitchen that will probably only last a few days.

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