Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Catch up post

        These past few weeks have been very hectic. As the school term is winding down, I have been overloaded with too many things to do and not enough time in the day to do them.  I recently had caught Bronchitis from what I believe was the air pollution in China, which seems to be a common trend. Earlier, one of my classmates went running and from that also caught the same thing. It is sad to think that just from being outside and breathing in air, I got sick. With symptoms for a week I fought through little sleep and a wicked cough and large amounts of phlegm, but the good news is I am all better now. Easter rolled around and while my family had yet another holiday get together that I missed, I was stuck in bed still sick with the bronchitis. I managed to meet up with some of my friends and go to Teppanyaki for dinner which was delicious and helped from being away from home as their was plenty of god people, conversation and of course food. Although no Easter baskets for me, it was nice to be around good company. With my spring courses for grad school ending May 14th, it’s been a mad dash to finish all the assignments in a timely manor along with working on my thesis.
       I am excited for the arrival of my sister Gabbie and her husband Adam coming to visit me in Shanghai!!! In a little more than a week they will be here for about 10 days from the 13th-22 of May. As promised they will be making their way here which will be wonderful as I will be finished with my course work and only have to worry about teaching and hanging out with them. It will definitely be a breathe of fresh air.
      Recently, we had a 3 days weekend for what was equivalent of Memorial Day. I had planned to go to Yellow Mountain, and go hiking and take photos but as the time came closer we bailed last minute since it was going to rain and had yet to secure a place to stay, not to mention it would be overflowing with tourists as many tourists attractions are during holidays. Instead, I was able to relax and enjoy the nice weather in Shanghai.  
      One of the days I went to the X-games Asia which was hosted in Shanghai and is a competition of “Extreme sports” including rollerblading, skating on both vertical ramps and the Street course. It was a 4 days event, which surprising had little hype to it, as it is a big deal in America, Thinking it would be similar to the X- games in America, this event provided a sad showing and failed to meet expectations by a long shot. I attended this with Ralph a buddy of mine in my cohort and a friend of his named Ben who just moved here from LA. I was able to snag a VIP ticket, which normally was 580 RMB for just 30 RMB outside the gates, and away we went. The even took place in a soccer stadium but sad to say there was only about 800 people in the whole stadium. The place was empty and looked like a local amateur event rather than something televised by ESPN. The roster of performers was filled with a bunch of no names but it did include old timers, Bob Burnquist, and Andy McDonald. The highlight of the event through was being able to meet mentalists in the virt ramp, which included both Bob and Andy.


          The weather in Shanghai is heating up at a significant rate, this past week it has been in the high 80s to mid 90’s with the addition of the humidity. The other day it was96 degrees but it felt like 100 due to the humidity. During this painful heat in EARLY MAY, I can only imagine what it will be like in a couple months. Some of my kids are still bundled up in their winter clothes wearing long johns and thick long sleeves to school. I am not sure what the parents are thinking but I do feel sorry for them as little beads of sweat drop down their faces as they sit listening in my classes.