Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

For the past 3 weeks I have been on my own without any set curriculum as my students have finished their assigned books of English vocabulary.  Rather than making my own flash cards and picking out the words my self, I have decided to take the easy way out and rummage through flashcards from different books that are laying around the office. Since teaching kids the same 3 words a week is very boring, I have picked words that are entertaining to teach but essential to have in your vocabulary.

The list of gems that I found

As you can imagine, these are very descriptive words and kids being kids are brutally honest.  With each word that I taught, the kids loved to point at each other and share their opinions on who best fit these characteristics. While some characteristics are nicer than others, it was entertaining to see the reactions that were gathered as students pointed at each other.

Posing as "Ugly"

Posing as  "Pretty"

Posing as "Handsome"

Funny Shorts my Students were wearing

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