Tuesday, July 19, 2011

International Day

The other day I stumbled on a blog that I forgot to post a few months back  about international day.  At my school each year, they have international day, which is where the kids get to eat food from a different culture for lunch. This year, happened to be America. Straying away from the white rice and pork and tossing out the bowls and chopsticks, the students were presented with an assortment of “American” food as well as plates and utensils to which many did not know how to use.

Menu for the students:

Grape Juice
Toast with Jam
Mushroom soup
Egg Tarts
Chinese Hot dogs that taste nothing like Hot dogs

Menu for the Staff:

Dinner Rolls
“Fruit Salad”
Rubber tasting hamburger patties
Mushroom soup
Hot dog
Egg Tarts

I am not sure where they got the idea that this is what we eat in America, but I found it humorous.

hmm Chinese hot Dogs

Staff lunch

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