Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pants off Dance off

In all of my classes, students are assigned a number to go along with their name,which they put on all of their assignments. I am not sure the purpose behind this as their numbers are not used in my classroom, but I am sure there is a reason why the Chinese teachers do this. A few months back a received a new student who was the 31st kid in the class so he was granted the number 31. When I asked what his name was, the teacher told me that he does not have an English name so I decided to name him Bryan. After numerous times of calling him Bryan without any responses from him, Ive realized that he  doesn't respond unless I call him "31", which makes me believe he thinks his name is 31.To confirm my theory, in his work book he was asked to write his name, so what did he write Bryan or 31? 31, of course! I can only imagine what the school teacher will think next year when there are not 31 kids in the class and he goes by a number rather than a name.

The heat has taken over Shanghai in a hurry and the students are wearing less and less clothing by the day. This past week I was surprised to see one of my students named Jackie who showed up to my class sitting in his chair with out his pants on and his legs opened wide. After unsuccessfully trying to figure out an explination for why he doesn't have pants on, I decided to make the most of the situation and provide some entertainment by getting him to dance in front of the class, to which he refuse. But, as with most guys, with the help of one of my female students, he caved in and performed part of their dance routine for their upcoming performance.

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