Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

         Riddle me this..I have been able to successfully live in Oregon for over 17 years without owning an umbrella and been fine but have lived in Shanghai less than 1 year and own 2 umbrellas??? I guess you can say that I learned my lesson after I tried my normal approach of wearing a hooded jacket through the rain but after running to the metro station in a slight rain turned downpour I am now an advocate for umbrellas as I spent a whole day teaching in soaked pants, boxers and all. This past month has been almost as weather bipolar as Oregon. Known to have their rain season around this time of the year, I never figured it to be as bad as it actually was. After having 2 weeks of rain, we were teased with a few days of sunshine and blue skies, wait a second, let me rephrase that, Grey Skies, as there are never any blue skies in China.
        Those days of sun were short lived as the rain paid another visit and this time came back as Thunderstorms for the next 2 weeks, which reminded me of the Good ole’ Southern down pour. With thunder striking in the background, rain falling like cats and dogs, and puddles turned into lakes it made me a bit nostalgic and reminded me of those summer thunderstorms in Louisiana. The only problem with China Thunderstorms is that the irrigation system was not built to meet the needs of the floods and as the water pours onto the street, it overflows the drains and causes the sewage to also spill on the street making matters worse. Luckily for me Shanghai never had too serious of flooding as other Chinese cities, which literally were submerging cars.
      Now that the Thunderstorms are over, it is back to the wicked Shanghai Summer weather, which I first experienced 10 months ago. While the high 80s or low 90s might not sound that bad, with the addition of the humidity, it has made it a bit painful. As I write this blog, it is currently 99 degrees outside but the heat index makes it feel like it is 111. Lovely right?  With 2 more months of this heat, I’m glad my 2 best friends, the Air conditioner and Gold Bond, will be there to get me tough this.

Pictures below are from the Chinese cities Beijing and Wuhan.

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