Friday, July 1, 2011

Time Flies when your having fun

      This blog is posted in honor of my wonderful Sister Gabbie for her persistence and determination to get me to write another blog. Despite not having any more class work for my masters program, I have been busy as ever. Some how my time in China has evolved from slow motion into fast forward mode. Rewind 9 months ago I sat here thinking how I was going to be in china forever and how there was so many things I wanted to do and the thought of today was so far away. Little by little time has picked up and snuck from beneath me. It seems that yesterday, that one of my best friends here Patrick O’Malley, gave me a Scott Rowland inspirational speech on the Huihai pedestrian walkway overlooking cars about how he leaves in 3 months and we need to make the best time of it. Since we will never get the same opportunity as the one we have now and this is a once in a lifetime experience. With that being said, this count down has been the focus of where my time has been spent. Initially it started as months and transformed into weeks and now into days. Yes that is right, DAYS. With some of my cohort having already left, little by little people are funneling out until Late August when the last batch of people leave including myself, leaving those who want to continue to stay here another year all alone.
       As the last grains of salt leave the hourglass, I am amazed at the wonderful experience that I have had in my time spent in China. Not only have been able to get a master degree out of it but also have gone on one epic and life changing adventure making great friends along the way.

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