Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welp See ya later

         The time is finally come and everyone that is leaving China has left except for the 5 people who work with my at Shane and must  painfully finish out our year contract unlike everyone else in the program who only had a 9 month contract. I must say that my phonebook has significantly gotten smaller and so has my social life which is both a burden and a blessing as I need to finish writing my thesis before I leave. My apartment started the month with 5 people in it and now is completely empty except for myself for the next month. 2 of my roommates have gone their separate ways with no intention of returning while the other 2 are traveling  around with the intention of returning right before the lease ends on Aug.19. As I spend my last month in China trying to embrace it, I find myself surprisingly busy doing absolutely nothing to show of it. Lets just hope and pray that I finish my thesis before I start my travels!

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