Monday, August 1, 2011

再 见少朋友 (Bye bye little friends)

      After 10 months of teaching my little rug rats, it was finally time to say goodbye as the school year came to a close. In the last week of class, rather than teaching I decided to watch Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar with them in a win/ win situation. Instead of them learning boring information and me having to teach, we both won by watching movies.  On the last day of class I brought my camera to take pictures, but, being the airhead I am, I forgot the charge the camera that was on low battery.  Sadly, I was unable to take very many pictures. After taking pictures I made a poor mans piñata and filled up a trash bag with candy and other goodies. Having never experienced a piñata before, the kids went wild as candy flew everywhere. Though we’ve had our up and downs, they will be truly missed.. On the Brightside, I have less than a month of teaching left at SHANE English and I can be free again and have a soul as I am a slave for that company.

Tossing the Pinata after it was broken

Kids Scrambling for the goodies

The Mad Dash

Class #1, My favorite class


Class #2 the Devil Childs

Class #3

Class #4 for showing their goodies

Class #1 Modeling

Class #4 Striking a Pose

Class #5


Two of the teachers

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