Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get me out of here!!!

            Caught in a lie, I have not been very pleased with my work this week. I was told that I would be going back to the school I have been teaching at all year and suddenly I get a schedule change going to a new school. I asked Rosa our head Chinese staff why I am not going back and she said that they do not start a new school year until September  so no teachers will go there.
            As Monday rolls around I found out that Sam, the other teacher who worked there with me is going back to teach there but does not want to teach there . I on the other hand want to go back and told the teachers I would be back. As I tried to switch schedules, I was repeatedly shut down via text by Rosa because she said she told the principal at the new school that I would be teaching there and if I changed schedules she would have lied to the principle and lying of course is bad. But the fact that she lied to me and the fact I told teacher I would be back and now wont be was didn’t matter to her . Furious I called Rosa demanding an explanation of why she lied to me and how it is bad, and asked how many holidays I had left in attempt to boycott Shane. See in an attempt to save money, Shane let 6 teachers out of their contract early as they figured they would not need them, but now the problem is that they do not have enough teachers to teach so, if one of the teachers calls in sick, they are essentially screwed as they are understaffed. I have enough holidays to cover the rest of the days remaining on my contract. In my contract
I am entitled to these days.
            If I were to take these holidays Shane would not have enough teachers to teach the classes and would be loosing money. After being hung up on, I later I received a text that I breached my contract as I have falsely added hours to my timesheet due to an error on their behalf, as I copied and pasted my hours from what they sent me. As a result, I am essentially getting blackmailed to work as they say they will take away all the bonuses that I have earned this year away which is a hefty sum along with the fees for “breaching the contract”, in which I would have to pay the company back money. It is a bit ridiculous at what a corrupt company Shane is and how badly they treat their employees to get them to do things and since I have to fulfill my contract for graduate school I feel hopeless as I cant do anything about it. It will be interesting to see what happens come next Wednesday when I finally am free of this horrible company.
            For the past few weeks my landlord has been very adamant on us moving out. On multiple occasions, I have been surprised to see him either walk in to the apartment on his own with potential renters or had him banging on the door because the door was dead bolted and he cant open it with his key, both of which are with no prior warning. I feel this is a bit of invasion of privacy and also annoying, as it is usually early in the morning, especially on weekends but its China. With that being said, my lease ended on August 19th, yet he kept trying to get us to move out before then.  All of my roommates downstairs moved out early so it was just mike and I upstairs, on the 17th he sent in a cleaning crew to clean out all the downstairs, even though mike and I still were living there and were packing, but made sure to tell us not to make a mess downstairs as it is now cleaned. He also was set on us moving out early Friday the 19th even though I had to work. After begging him multiple times, he finally allowed us to check out at 5 after I got off of work to which at 4:55 he was waiting for us to leave.
            On my schedule, I had Friday morning free but was on cover, which would allow me to pack my things up and move them over to mikes apartment before work, but of course since Shane is ridiculous, they call me up the day before and tell me I need to cover for someone who put in a request awhile back for an interview but they forgot about it until just now. I told them that I cant cover as I had to move out of my apartment and that I would take a holiday if I had because I needed to move at of my apartment. I get a call from my boss telling me send my landlords number to Rosa. She will tell him that I need to move out on Saturday no problem. Little did they know my landlord wouldn’t budge. The landlord was actually in the apartment inspecting things so I handed him the phone and she tried to negotiate with him but he was not having it. As I laugh while Rosa is getting shut down, the landlord hands me the phone to which Rosa says “Ok, John the landlord says that you have to move out tomorrow, but you still can work in the morning. You have all night to pack up your things and you can get up early and finish”.
             Holding my ground I said “No”, I refuse to work in the morning as I need to pack but I will work my normal shift in the afternoon. I told them that if you keep forcing me to work in the morning, I will take a day off you and you will need to find someone to cover both shifts. Finally Rosa says that I will not have to teach in the morning, and another boss confirmed this. I then later receive a text from one of my bosses Robert saying that they do not have enough teachers so I will need to cover in the morning. I told him that both Rosa and Caesar confirmed I do not have to work and he kept trying to insist that I needed to work. Finally at the end of the day, after having my messages ignored, I wanted to confirm that I was not working in the morning. After 4 phone calls Rosa finally picked up and said that Robert told her I was still working. After I repeatedly told her I wont show up she finally got the message. Although this is a little   issue I find it a win in my book as I have held my ground against the evil Shane. How hard is it to understand No means No! Well with that being said, less than a handful of days until I am finally free of Shane and get my soul back!

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