Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lady, Who are you?!?!?!

            For work, I am on a temporary loan, filling in for 2 weeks whilst my school has its 2-week  "Summer Vacation".  Since I am filling in, I have no material to teach them and have been winging my lessons and reviewing basic information since there are a few new students who have joined the classes this week. It down time right now so the classes are half full as people are families are traveling or taking a break from school. With less than 2 weeks of work left before I bask in the sun on the beaches of Thailand with JD, my motivation to teach is at an all time low and the fact that the school refuses to turn on their air condition makes it that much more difficult to teach. Considering these students are not my normal kids, they are unfamiliar of my demands and do not listen and to make things worse and the worst part is one of the teachers a complete ... Think of a word that rhymes with yahtzee. Ill give you a hint, think holocaust. While I understand good teachers are usually a bit eccentric, she’s over the top as she’s always in my business and essentially is trying to teach the class. I wonder from classroom to classroom teaching English to the students and the classes are on all parts of the building. Theoretically, I am supposed to teach her class at 9:25 but considering that the classroom before hers is on the other side of the building and ends at 9:25, I usually arrive at 9:26 or 27.Heaven forbid I am a minute or two late considering I usually stay a few minutes after the scheduled time to compensate. But, she insists that I teach the full 30 minutes of English for her kids as she makes comments like “oh what time is it, yeah your late” or “class starts at 9:25?” as her clock  is running a few minutes early and making me look bad that much worse.
            As I teach her class I can feel her presence creeping behind me to make sure that I am doing everything properly. She sits there analyzing every move I make and ALWAYS has to butt in and interrupt the class if something is out of synch with what she believes is correct. While I must admit, her English is half way decent, there have been times when she has tried to correct me with my pronunciation stating I’ve said the words wrong. Remind me who’s the native speaker and English teacher?!?! That’s right.. me, but that doesn’t stop her from interrupting and trying to tell everyone what to do.
          Making sure that I fill the 30 minutes of teaching, I have used songs to fill the gap. Over the course of the year, I have been able to manipulate how long a song lasts based on the actions I use and the speed I sing the song. Typically, I can sing the “wheels on the bus” or” if your happy and you know it” and it will run about 5 minute which is great for killing time. Over the course of the past few days, as I am singing the song with the kids, the teacher interrupted me by either telling me to stop singing, then blasts the song off the computer or just turn on the music without saying anything. While I’m a big advocate of making things easier and not having to sing, the songs on the computer take roughly half the time it does for me to sing and does not include all the movements that the kids enough, which makes me run out of things to do and since I have to teach the full 30 minutes this causes a problem,
       Having accumulated a collection of songs on the computer, I’ve tried to sing songs that she does not have yet on her computer. Each day he makes me write down the songs ive sang and then goes tries to find it on the Internet, but I’ve switched up the songs each day so she is unprepared for what I am going to sing. It has become sort of a game as I try to sing songs that she has not downloaded so that she can’t interrupt me while I am singing. What really has thrown her off is I have thrown in a few Camp Adventure songs which the kids like but she cant find it anywhere on the internet, to which ive been able to sing multiple times and it makes her flustered.
       In my classroom I have these medals that I give to “good Students” who are paying attention and not talking and listening. In reality, it is a tool just to keep the kids on their best behavior because they really want the candy and sticker that I give them as a reward. While it is my special thing I do for the student, the teacher kept telling me who and who I shouldn’t give the medals to, to the point where I have just given her the medals and told her to pick the students.
       Towards the end of the class, I play games with the students, which vary from day to day. The other day I taught the kids Duck Duck Goose and she butted in telling the kids her interpretation of how to play it. As my 30 minutes were up she continued to organize who was picked and who wasn’t and had yet to give out the good students. After making settle hints to her to give out the good students so I can get my medals back and leave for my next class, she was oblivious and continued on yelling at which kids were to be picked. Finally after a few minutes waiting I took the medals from her and called up 2 kids to which she argued that they didn’t deserve it. I can confidently say she’s on a power trip but Mercy Lady just let me do my job!! On the bright side I only have one more day of teaching at the school and less than 2 weeks of teaching and then I’m free to travel, but lord help me get through this!

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