Friday, October 7, 2011

Life Comes Quick

      Rewind 2 months ago and I was unsure of what my next move in life would be. Set on coming back to the states, I decided to test my luck with jobs in China and applied for jobs in the masses for the satisfaction of knowing I tried. For weeks I applied for jobs without any replies until suddenly, one day I heard back from 3 companies, two of which sounded interesting enough to set up an interview. Having the mind set that I would  return home after my contract was up in August, I sent almost all of my belongings home including all of my dress clothes, keeping only a only a few things I was going to travel with and things I would leave behind.Scambling to find clothes, but not wanting to buy new clothes, I  scrounged up an outfit that would be presentable for an interview. I had one dress shirt that was going to leave behind  that I used and  borrowed a tie from my roommate Mike, and then found a pair of slacks and dress shoes that  my roommate Miles left behind that I was able to squeeze into. I managed to impress one of the people in my mess of an outfit to get a call back for another interview with a senior partner from Austen Morris, a financial firm that work solely with expats. This interview though would require a “formal” business attire so unfortunately I had to buy a new suit. With that being said, it all paid off and I received and accepted the job at Austen Morris as a Business Development Coordinator  for the firm and start on Oct 10.  It is amazing to think that within a 2 week gap my life plans took a complete 180 turn.Although I’m not exactly sure how I will fare at this job, it will provide me with hands on experience that would be hard to receive in the states. So,for time being,  I guess i'll be in China for a little bit longer.

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